TV Show Hosts Deborah Duncan talks Health Fitness Revolution with Samir Becic

TV Show Host Deborah Duncan interviews health and fitness expert Samir Becic

TV show host and local celebrity Deborah Duncan interviews health and fitness expert Samir Becic about Health and Fitness Revolution. Watch them talk about fitness, health, childhood obesity, teaching your kids to be healthy, and much more.  To see the full interview, please watch the video attached.

 Deborah Duncan:  Health and Fitness, we always put health and fitness together yet we don’t practice them together.  It takes health to be fit, it takes fitness to have good health.

Samir Becic: But just to be able to understand what health is, it’s the general condition of human body, mind, and spirit. So physical, social, and mental well-being.  Now, while we are working out, while we are performing physical fitness, first of all we are making our bodies stronger, that means that we are improving body physique.  Second of all we are detoxing because we are sweating the toxins out of the body, it means that we are decreasing the risk of depression, and that’s the mental aspect of it. Third aspect,  while you are exercising you are usually in a group, being socially active.  So health equals fitness, and fitness equals health, you cannot separate the two, they are one.

Deborah Duncan:  Big problem, we spend billions of dollars on diet programs, there’s a pill for this, a pill for that,  a machine for this, a machine for that, yet, especially in this country,  we are bigger than ever,  one out of three kids born in 2000 is expected to be a diabetic, obesity among children and adults  has majorly high rates, and major problems with heart conditions/disease.  Why is it we’re spending all this money to solve the problem, yet the problem keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger?

Samir Becic:  There has been a 20% increase in child obesity since the 1980s, parents need to be active so that children can see that…

Deborah Duncan: I’m sorry Samir, I don’t have time, I’m working, I have three kids, I don’t have time to feed my kids these home-grown organic meals.

Samir Becic: You always hear excuses, everybody has excuses.  If they start working out themselves, their energy will increase, they will spend more time with their kids, they will educate their children by teaching them what’s good for them and what’s not.  But before that happens, they need to make the first step.  Instead of complaining that they have no time, and complaining that their children are doing bad in school, and they’re creating trouble in the streets, they should focus on them right now, and completely resolve the issues that may come later.

To see the full interview, please watch video


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